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Earth Sheltered, Energy Efficient, Sustainable Building


    1. Walls of concrete and steel for a strong and sustainable home.
    2. Financially affordable, superior building system.
    3. High ceilings, open great room concept with loft and balcony.
    4. Claimed! The largest feeling home for its size.
    5. Polished and rustic granite walls with slate accent.
    6. Stained concrete floors with slate inlay – both levels.
    7. Large walk-in shower
    8. Covered entry and patio areas
    9. Large bonus room over garage.
    10. Moisture, mold, rot, pest and sound resistant construction.


    1. A new innovative wall system that absorbs and releases natural heat.
    2. Highly energy efficient – two times above code requirement.
    3. Passive solar – primary heating
    4. Ductless, high-efficient heat pump – second stage heating.
    5. Natural, free passive cooling with automatic temperature control.
    6. Air tight construction with energy recovery ventilation.
    7. High mass, thermal battery, to retain heat and maintain comfort.
    8. Automatic interior insulated shutter to retain passive solar heat.
    9. Spray foam insulation – total shell.
    10. Air tight, efficient stove with glass door.


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SunTerra EnergyBlock

Modern Contemporary

  Main Level: 1,162 SF     N to S Dimensions 38'  
  Upper Level: 621 SF    E to W Dimensions 68'  
  Other Levels: None    Height 24'  
633 SF     Roof Pitch 6:12  
  Shop:   Covered Porch: 220 SF  
  Storage - Bonus: 300 SF    Decks:


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