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Sustainable Granite Line

Finishes and Colors

SunTerra EnergyBlock utilizes the value of decorative masonry surfaces on the interior of the exterior walls. They are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Finish options:

  1. Smooth finish – These blocks have the finish as they come direct from the block mold.
  2. Split face finish – The blocks are molded in pairs and split in half creating an even natural/rustic look.
  3. Ground face finish – These blocks are sent through a grinder removing a thin layer exposing the graniterock and sand giving color variation to the surface.
  4. Polished face finish – This is a ground faced block polished to bring out a high gloss smooth surface.
  5. Plastered finish – Is a smooth faced natural gray block with a hand textured or machine sprayed surface of color or painted plaster.

The blocks with the natural finishes, we recommend applying a clear sealer that enhances their color and produces a long term durable surface.

 Color Options:

Many colors can be achieved by adding die to the cement when the blocks are formed in the mold. Also stains can be applied to the block walls after erection.

Contact your local SunTerra EnergyBlock Dealer for the many choices of color and finish options. To optimize the thermal conductivity of these high-mass heat storage walls; dark, matt or textured surfaces absorb and radiate more energy than light, smooth, reflective surfaces.

Concrete Block Colors