Energy Savings Comparison

What is the best way to evaluate the energy savings value of a product incorporated into the construction of a new home? The best and immediate way is simply, INVESTMENT and RETURN. What does the home owner receive from this investment per year and what profit will be received when the home is sold?

Review the example below.


2,000 SF home in climate Zone 5
Average US electric rate of $.12 KWH
Standard Wood Framing
SunTerra EnergyBlock
Annual cost for heating and cooling
Additional cost for SunTerra EnergyBlock wall system $14,353
Financed at 5% mortgage interest rate
 Home mortgage interest rate deduction
 Total cost per year  $1,191

$314 cost savings per year

Other factors of consideration:

1. How fast will utility costs increase?

2. Will your choice of home be more valuable than an old technology built home?

3. What is the additional aesthetic value received for the featured masonry walls?

4. Will a home buyer pay more for a stronger, pest free, mold resistant, quieter, more comfortable home?